GaLa Bau in Nürnberg

From 17. – 20.09.2014 Öcocolor was again represented at the international specialised trade fair for urban green and free space design in the specialist area PLAYGROUND. We thank you for your visit.

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A logistic masterstroke

The highest point on which öcocolor has been constructed ,up to now, is on the Matterhorn, 2288 metres high, in Switzerland .It is windy icy and wet there…….a real endurance test for any material which öcocolor passes notably well.

öcocolor - simply better for man and his environment.

öcocolor - 11 points that guarantee öcocolor-quality

  • DIN EN 1176/77 specifications are fulfilled
    The material corresponds to DIN specifications for play ground coverings. Bark and leaves are not contained and fine particles or parts that a too large are filtered out.

  • A test report is available on the shock absorbing effect of the material.
    The test report e.g. TÜV, certifies that the tested material has, according to HI -criteria, a level of under 1,000.

  • The material has been GS -hallmarked
    The GS-hallmark guarantees that the customer has bought a quality product with tried and tested safety. The product and production are regularly tested and controlled by an independent body (e.g. the TÜV).

  • A test report for flammability is available on request
    Both flammability and fire behaviour have been tested and documented.

  • Proven compatibility with vegetation
    Coloured material is verifiably compatible with vegetation and the environment.

  • The requirements of DIN EN 71-3 are fulfilled
    The material fulfils the specifications set by the DIN for the safety of toys and the migration of particular elements.

  • Only dry wood is used in production, not fresh wood!
    To ensure durability it is essential that dry wood is used in production of the material, not fresh wood. öcocolor has an interior moisture of only approx.15 -20 %.In comparison to approx. 50 – 60 % in fresh wood.

  • The material is shredded material not wood chips
    The material looks long and frayed. This structure guarantees an enduring shock absorbing effect because the individual wood pieces cannot lie flat on top of each other like wood chips (flat form). The air in between the shredded material absorbs the impact energy in the case of a fall.

  • The material is suitable for wheelchairs
    The individual wood pieces interlock on the surface because of the special structure of the shredded material. A stable covering layer is formed, allowing prams, tricycles, vehicles (supply or medical) and wheelchairs to be pushed, ridden or driven over it without difficulty. The material is well suited to barrier free playgrounds.

  • Installation and maintenance instructions
    There are installation and maintenance instructions available for the material with specifications for appropriate installation, maintenance and service and notes on how to care for the material to attain maximum service life.

  • Local contact person
    There is a nationwide network of sales agencies through which help with planning is offered locally. For enquiries or problems there is always a competent contact person for your area.

öcocolor - detailed productinformation

öcocolor - be sure to plan safely

öcocolor - colour variations




GaLa Bau in Nürnberg

From 17. – 20.09.2014 Öcocolor was again represented at the... more


A logistic masterstroke

The highest point on which öcocolor has been constructed... more

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