A logistical masterstroke

The highest point on which öcocolor has been constructed ,up to now, is on the Matterhorn, 2288 metres high, in Switzerland .It is windy icy and wet there…….a real endurance test for any material which öcocolor passes notably well.

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Welcome to öcocolor.
Let us welcome you to our new website and invite you to inform yourself about the latest developments in the field of ground coverings.

The idea, to develop an innovative and environmentally compatible product, was at the beginning of the 90s, the decisive thought from which öcocolor ground coverings originated .Today it has become a successful brand product which has been constantly tested and further developed, setting standards in the field of natural fall protection, with highest safety standards.

Our ultimate goal is to be a partner, on the one hand, for architecture, town and landscape planning and children and teenagers themselves, e.g. on playgrounds and football grounds; to create safe free space that invites you to play and move in all weathers and, on the other hand, to offer the municipalities and owners of such grounds, a tried and tested economical product.

Let us inspire you with the numerous advantages and endless design and application possibilities of öcocolor ,which allow extraordinary solutions and that range from playgrounds or football grounds to cross country tracks or garden and landscape planning.

Our experienced field workforce advises you at length, determines the thickness of the layer corresponding to application and safety requirements and accompanies your project from the planning and construction phase, until completion. We are still available to you, of course, after finalisation.

A careful choice of raw materials, a complex manufacturing process, and a tried and tested quality management with GS-certified safety, as well as a competent field workforce and reliable delivery service; all this has made us not to the cheapest but to one of the best for the last 15 years. Benefit from our long standing expertise in the field of certified ground coverings and secure for yourself our optimal advisory service.

With kind regards from our head office in Destedt,
Sabine Peist and Katrin Pogan



A logistical masterstroke

The highest point on which öcocolor has been constructed... more

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